Electronic Bill Statements - Password Change
Change Profile Password

Please provide the required information to the right then click the Submit Change Request button.

The minimum requirements for your new password are as follows:
  1. must be at least 8 but no more than 20 characters in length
  2. must contain at least one alpha character a-z,A-Z
  3. must contain at least one numeric character 0-9
  4. may contain only alpha-numeric characters a-z,A-Z,0-9
  5. the Login ID and Password must be different
If we match the Login ID & Email to your existing user profile, you will receive a verification email and be required to click the link within the email to confirm the request and apply the password change to your User Profile.

Note: the verification/confirmation response will expire if we do not receive a response within 30 minutes so please respond as soon as possible.

For additional help or information, please contact HCUD Customer Service at (352) 754-4037.